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  1. had some email exchange with Jerry yesterday. QT files for IB data feed in beta stage, they are working on it.

    However, be aware, that IB quotes will most probably not backfill your rt charts if you logon after market open, or enter a new symbol to your portfolio / watchlist during market hrs.
    As with Datek's streamer and most other supported java applications as QT sources, only current data will be displayed / charted.

    Currently, QT offers streaming RT quote source via StockWatch Canada ( not the same as SW Pro ! ) - starts as from 13.95 USD / month for 100 symbols of RT quotes and RT streaming news ( + xchange fees ).
    SW offers also RT backfill.

    RT quotes working very well. If you want to use backfill, stop transmission of RT first - backfill is a bit slow when done simultaneously with receiving RT quotes - especially when monitoring high volume stocks.

    For test purpose, I had all Nasdaq 100 stocks in a portfolio. Backfill didn't work correctly for about 30% of the symbols when RT were turned on at the same time - I use a DSL line, so too much data came in at the same time and QT wasn't able to handle so much data properly.

    With anything less then 50 NAS100 symbols it worked well though.

    Jerry is looking into ways to improve QT's performance with regard to simultaneous backfill.

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  2. But will you be able to trade from the QT platform using IB as your broker?

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  3. Why would you want to do this ? You can have the TWS windows open side by side with QT windows . I'd show you a screenshot, but the file size is too large for an attachment on ET.

    If you like, I mail it to you.
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  6. Privateer, because I'm familiar with QT, and have several different brokers. I like being able to trade with any one of them, yet still have the same interface.

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