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  1. neo_hr


    Hello Stock optionist!

    I WANT you to sound like my grandpa :) ! As some of you may know, Im from Croatia....a country where 4k=yearly sallary!!! But, ive been learning to daytrade for like three years now but the new SEC rule kinda screwed me up! So I decided to go swing with nyse exclusively, perhaps only long for now. Although it would be better to short in this market as it seems to me all the rallys are merely short pullbacks in a dn trend.

    So, anyone wanting to be my mentor would be MORE THAN APPRECIATED!

    If you like, e mail me at neo_hr@yahoo.com.

    Cheers to you all and KEEP THOSE TRADES GREEN!

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  2. Hi, neo hr,

    Since you have daytraded for 3 years and have background and experience with the markets and technical analysis, I believe you can just swing trade using options. Right now, there is NO way I want to short a stock without hedge after trading options. I basically trade the short side using puts. That limits my risks to at most to a few hundred dollars per contract. With 4k, which is equivalent to a year's salary in Croatia, you HAVE to limit your risk. And the best way to do that is, in my opinion, to do it through options. Read a few books on that subject, start paper trading and then you can do it with real money.
    I hope this helps.

    Best wishes,
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  3. neo_hr


    Actually, I have been LEARNING to daytrade for three years now. Only done some papertrades. i am going live next week or so.


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  4. neo hr,
    It is possible to daytrade using QQQ options or options of household names like Cisco. Usually they are very liquid. The spread between bid and ask is not wide, often only 10 to 15 cents. Since no such daytrading rule applies to options, you might want to see if that works for you. I don't know about S&P options. I've never traded them.

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  5. neo hr,

    Well, then I have to take things back a bit. Doing it with real money is a far cry from doing it on paper. When real money is on the line, you are very easily overcome by greed and fear. In that case, I don't suggest that you jump into options right away.

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  6. Atlantic


    ib told me, that also after sep. 28th stockmargin accounts with less than $25k will still update buying power realtime.
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