IB testing and live trading multiple strats simultaneously

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    Okay let's say that I have a reasonably good automated strategy that I am ready to go live with. However, I have several other strategies, and also would like to continue tweaking with my original strategy. So I would like to start trading live, while simultaneously keep testing different strategies. And in addition, if another one of my strategies matures enough, I would like to then independently run the new strategy in addition to the old one. So my question is: what would be the best way to do this at IB? Should I (or can I) open up several subaccounts? In that case would I be able to run live, and continue to test on the paper account? And does each subaccount get the 100 live quote streams? Or is the 100 max apply to all subaccounts in aggregate? Would appreciate if anyone has any suggestions or ideas. Thanks.
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    Any IB automated traders out there that could chime in? Thanks.
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    I know with their institutional platform you can create subaccounts without any issues... but I am not sure if that can be done as easily with the retail side... I dont think the F&F subs function how you have in mind... you will do best by calling them and asking the question directly.
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    When you have multiple sub-accounts, by default they are all accessed through the same TWS instance. Your IB sim account remains accessed through a separate TWS instance, but needs to be on the same PC to get live quotes.

    If you need your trading split on multiple PCs, you need to add users w/ trading priviledges to your IB main account, by doing so you'll have to pay all exchanges fees for each user with trading privileges.
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    Okay thanks guys I will call them up for more info.