IB telles me to "Be Patient" ?

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  1. I upgraded to a Universal account last week and was told that it would be complete over the weekend. Today, still no permission to trade futures, so I e-mailed IB and got this response:

    Dear Trader,

    Your upgrade account type is still pending.
    You have to be a little patient.

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.


    IB Customer Service

    I'm not a "patient" type of trader when I'm told one thing and the broker does another. Should I also "be patient" if their system goes down for an hour and I'm out on the line with 3 e-mini contracts in a fast-moving market?

    What does it take to trade futures with this outfit?
  2. ... look for another broker, if you don´t like IB´s way of customer service ?
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    Complaining about IB is like complaining about Microsoft.

    They will let you know if your complaint is valid or not.. :D
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    tech analysis,

    there are two types of upgrades going on. the first are automatic upgrades which are processed by the thousands and done in a batch. the second are the manual requests such as yours. the manual requests are processed manually and due to the number of requests made each week, not all get upgraded that weekend.
  5. Def -

    When will it be upgraded, next weekend or during the week?
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    upgrades take place over the weekend. new accounts can be opened any day. if you made the request for an upgrade last week, the upgrade should take place next weekend. however, if you want me to try to make sure your on the list, send me a PM or and e-mail.
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    My advice -- move on. I am.

    I've been trying to get a new account open with them for over a week. Even funded it a week ago but still don't have any trading permissions.

    My money is headed to AdvancedFutures.
  8. Well the thing is I've been with them over a year trading stocks and I like the firm, but I don't need my balls broken just trying to get permission to trade futures. I was promised it would be completed over last weekend, now it's another week.
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    Have you gone to the websight and log in to your account. You might have some simple test to pass or market data to sign up for. that's what I had to do, then I got trading permission.
  10. I did all that and got a new U-number but no trading permissions yet.
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