IB TEK Problems

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by hlu45, Apr 10, 2008.

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    Postings of Problems to provide IB customers notice-basis for comparison-resolution
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    TWS went down approx 2:20pm came back approx 2:35
  3. Does IB distribute outage statistics or information?

    That would be great information. Everyone has outages now and then, but being able to quantify it would be very helpful.
  4. My TWS has been fine. Might be a problem with your ISP.
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    Greetings -

    I agree it would be great but I know of no reporting -anyone out there know more?
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    Hello -

    Doubt it was problem with my ISP -

    Why? Because I'm running 5 computers all off the identical tek environment & ISP - 4 of the 5 are real-time brokerage-related including the IB --- IB was the only 1 that had a problem

    There have been many previous reports on ET just like this - 1 user says there are problems & others say no

    I do know that not all users are connected on the IB side in the same way (you probably already knew that or could guess that its true), EG, they have multiple servers.
  7. Not in your lifetime. Why would they want to show their dirty laundry ?
    BTW: No one else does either.
  8. I have two service providers on a failover and two brokers each on two primary workstations - I also saw an IB outage at the same time 2:30 EST yesterday that was not replicated on my other broker.

    So, it was clearly an IB issue.