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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by lindq, Apr 18, 2008.

  1. lindq


    Really. Is there a worse tech service organization on the planet than at Interactive Brokers?

    Where do they get these people? From a local vocational school?

    I close two accounts to move them to an advisor group, and send in their security devices. They lose them. Fortunately I have a return receipt from the post office. I send it in. Days later and I still can't access the accounts to close them. "We've forwarded your request to management", I am told. Once. Twice. Three times.

    I upgrade to the latest TWS. Whoops. Can't enter orders manually in advisor accounts. Won't take them. Something wrong with the upgrade. Call tech support. (Support???) They won't deal with it. Pass me over to ProServe advisors. They don't know what to do. Downgrade to the previous TWS. Works fine.

    Please IB, just outsource your entire tech operation to Bangladesh and it will be a signficant improvement.
  2. Welcome to McDonalds !!
    "You want fries with that ?"

    Seriously, you ain't seen nothing yet....try programming your trades with their API.
  3. IB reports earnings on Thursday 4pm.
    Their symbol is IBKR on the Nasdaq.
    Technically, they are superior. The many
    trading markets they offer are outstanding.

    But they must not be spending money on
    their service organization. They probably
    are overworked.

    Someday when earnings are not as good
    as expected, they will arrive at the conclusion
    that they need to strengthen service.
  4. RL8093


    That's a good one. :p

    If their earnings suffer, they will conclude they are spending far too much on tech support (& customer support) & slash that budget! :eek:

  5. Craig66


    ...or their beautiful FIX solution which requires you to run not one but two pieces of bloat Java shiteware!