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  1. This is an open ended question and I want to get ideas from someone out there who uses Interactive Brokers.

    Which charts do you use and what indicators do you use? For myself and the stocks I trade, I use a 2 day chart/5 minute candles with bollinger bands and an ema added to it.

    From time to time I have added some of the studies which seem neat, but they seem a little confusing for my purpose and Im not sure which ones would be the best for me. I find that the bollinger bands and ema (with volume) provide me with enough information. As the stock moves below the EMA and touches the bottom bollinger band, that is a signal for me to sell. When it moves above the EMA, that seems like a signal to buy. Very simple and it works for me.

    I like the 5 minute/2 day window because I can see the general pattern over a 2 day course and the 5 minute bar seems to filter out other market noise. I also have a line chart updated to the second with the same information.

    Thoughts and ideas please? Tell me what you use when trading stocks using the IB charts...
  2. if u trade futs, 15min 2days charts are prolly better. as for myself i can't find any use for indicators.
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    I use a 2 day 5 min. for the first 15 min. of trading, then switch to a 1 day 5 min. with pivot points after perspective is gained. That's it. Indicators only make me second guess myself.
  4. My more specific question relates to the "studies". The Ultimate Oscilator or Options volume, for example. Does anyone find these useful?
  5. Ok I went through the 600 page user guide to see which indicators I would find most useful. I used a chart of a stock I traded today to see how it reacted to the indicators.

    Here is what I found useful:

    1 day/3 minute candles
    -A/D line
    -Bollinger bands

    The bollinger bands and envelope moving averages really put things into perspective. 5 different lines. 3 are different moving averages, the two outer are the bollinger which I understand to represent standard deviations.

    The A/D line is money flow indicator and it did appear to work well with the stoch. The only thing is that I would need a much bigger monitor because all these lines do appear cramped together. I have a 19 inch flat. I think I would need something much larger.

    One of these days Im going to get a 32-37 inch flat. That way I can put all these graphs very comfortably on the screen.
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    too many but top 3 are price envelope, rsi and macd .
  7. Tell me why you would use envelopes over bands or bands over envelopes.