IB Tax Info Availability - 2014

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  2. Date you get your last revision to your 1099B - November, and maybe still counting, at least if 2013 was any guide. That's not IB's fault of course, it's a function of what you owned and how late they were about characterizing the nature of distributions and such.
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    On a side note, is anybody dropping TurboTax like a bad habit? Reviewers are going nuts on Amazon over price increases.

    I'm not sure if H & R is good alternative for IBKR customers.
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    I've used both tax cut and turbo tax in the past. Imo tax cut is easier to use. If you file in one line- shouldn't make any difference. Same as if enter every trade, because both programs are useless in both options. If you file in one line-if I remember-you can't enter number greater than 10m.same if you have hundreds of trades. You can't attach and calculate them in one shot.
    one thing I would never understand is why do I have to pay every year to prepare my own taxes (and mail them to gvt) why it's too hard for gvt to provide the soft for free for all filers? Along with free postage?
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    On top of that-after few years of comparing my own returns, prepared by me on soft, mentioned above with results, prepared by my accountant on his soft I come up with same conclusion, mentioned above-both programs are useless. Not worth time and effort. Not to mention that the difference many times were in excess of thousand dollars. My acc guy charge 150 for 3 returns + 1 simple return for a kid and one of which is corporate . Plus-if any dispute with irs arise-i have someone on my side.
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    Sometimes free isn't such a great deal, especially when it means giving up your financial privacy to an unknown third party.
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    Biggest terrorist organization on earth: IRS

    Here's the answer: www.fairtax.org

    All could sleep in late on 4-15.
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    I seem to remember looking at Free-File Fillable forms before and it was not such a pleasant experience in terms of user friendliness (i.e., not much guidance). I would be very surprised if it were able to import stock transaction data.
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