IB take-over

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    Do you think some bigger firm will take over IB one day?

    These firms come to my mind -- investment banks like GS and MS, retail brokers like E*Trade and Ameritrade, and maybe even private equity?
  2. Of course it could happen but there is no indication of it happening anytime soon.

  3. Retired


    With the treasury yields dropping so low, any profitable company could be considered as a valuable yield generator.

    IBKR is also trading near the bottom of its price range.
  4. 1245


    Not while Tom is in charge. Too many synergies. In my opinion IB was created as an inexpensive source of order flow for Timber Hill. The way Peak 6 created optionshouse. They are worth more together.
  5. just21


    Tp turned down gs and ms many years ago when they wanted the timber hill option market share. Gs bought hull and slk.
  6. 1245


    GS bought SLK for everything they are getting rid of. GSEC and RediPlus.
  7. southall


    Before the 2008 crisis IBKR was trading in the 25 to 35 range. Maybe if someone offered Peterfly that kind of money for the whole lot he would sell..
  8. dudebro


    no chance while TP is around
  9. 1245


    They don't need to buy the company, just his voting shares. I don't think that happens anytime soon.
  10. Guys like Peterfly don't retire...
    They die with their boots on.

    But IBKR has been a complete dog...
    Trading at 11 times earnings.
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