IB System Status Messages are Not Accurate

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by maryp, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. maryp


    I logged into my Interactive Brokers acct tonight at 10:35pm only to see no data. The market data was not working. I know they cut off access to your acct at 11pm, but this was 35 mins before cutoff.

    Clicking on Market Data in the bottom right hand corner showed that the market data feed was out and ALL other feeds were out too. I just had my stock symbols and a bunch of Chinese looking characters on the screen.

    I then clicked on system status that goes to a webpage showing system status. As usual, it shows NO PROBLEMS. Even when you call Interactive Brokers and there is a data feed problem, the recorded message almost always says no problems.

    What good is it to have a system status when it is inaccurate most of the time. I can only guess that IB does this because they don't want people to know when they are having problems. I guess they think it makes them look bad.

    I'd rather a company be honest and say upfront they were having problems than to obscure and lie about it. To me, that makes them look worse when they are trying to hide the truth.
  2. My first response: oh my god!

    My second response: this is terrible. Just awful. Its the worst. I should leave IB.

    My third response: I hope Mary does. And I hope shes a really active trader.
  3. Bob111


    right on kiwi :) :) :)
    it is terrible..i would contact IB's CS immediately and file complaint to upper management about this issue. if they not avaliable right now-i would call to HK office or maybe even European office...

    if you login and see no quotes-it not necessarily IB's fault. my TWS was on at that time and i have no problems with T&S,while review my trades.