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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Shorttrader88, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. Is there software that supplements IB's?
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  3. I have traded for many years with tradestation and terra nova..what is the reason and need for a front end site...isnt all that is needed in IB?
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    Tradestation is a programmable trading software, charting, and backtesting package, as well as an order entry system added when they decided to become a broker as well.

    IB's TWS is basically a trade entry system (with a number of ways to enter trades) and a relatively simple, non-programmable charting package. It has no backtesting capability.

    Both offer special options analysis tools.

    IB's datastream is time-sampled so that under busy, very rapid trading you have a much better chance of getting a current price. Tradestation sends all trades in its datastream and can (and does) fall behind in very fast moving, high trading markets.

    Your question was not clear as to exactly what you were looking for. Perhaps the above will help.

  5. thanks, I scalp all day and need to get in and out very fast...havent had any problems, but want to trade before 8am, which is the time that tradestaion and terra nova let you start trading...