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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by mdmbud, Jan 9, 2003.

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    I had my IB account open for stocks. I decided to give it a run with futures yesterday. I entered and closed out 7 round turn trades yesterday. At the end of the day I had a stop loss in, which I canceled when I closed the final position out.

    Today I opened my account and I am down $$$$ for a position I never ordered. After waiting 15 minutes for IB to answer, they said I entered the position and the guy was an absolute jerk. I then told him that I exported my info from my account and it said 7 in and 7 out. He said nope, you have 8 positions in, so the trade was left open. I said no way, so I exported it again and it said 7 in and 7 out. He rudely told me to log in and look at my account. He was right, online it said 8 in and 7 out. So I talked to Jeff and he said I should have known that the position was open. I asked him how I should have known when it did not tell me on my system and he said you should have. He told me that my trade station was closed and it did not register it. This was absolute bull, because the system was open all day. This company absolutely sucks and I have been burnt by them too many times and will not even use them for stock transactions anymore!
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    I use them everyday for the ES and never have problems (well very rarely). No company should have rude arrogant customer service though-- That can turn a man into a beast.
  3. Do not rely upon the executions window !
    If I need to know my positions I always use the account window.
    During last 12 months I had about 2 to 3 executions that never
    showed up in executions window. It did not help to re-start PC
    and re-login to TWS.

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    That is what took place... You would think they would make this a well known issue...

    I am placing all my money with Advanced Futures, because this really upsets me.....

    I cannot get over how rude they are.....
  5. Explain the difference between the account and execution windows and how can the executions window potentially not show correctly the number of trades you have?

    How did that 8th order get in? Did your stop not get cancelled? What time did they say the order happened? Were you even logged in at the time?
  6. windows .... and even check again later on in the day

    if I logoff for a bit .... just to make sure no bad trades pop up!

    sorry about your experience ...
  7. Was there anything in your Pending tab?

    If that's clear then you should have been flat at the end of the day.
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    Nope, nothing in pending tab. What really earks me is how they treat you like you are some jerk, not the nice guy who gave them 20,000 in commissions last year.....

    Man I am fuming over this....... Sorry......
  9. mdm what can you say. I was so Godamned mad at Datek for thier brand of ineptitude I wanted to catch the next flight out to NJ and smack the shit out of them in person.

    I've been trading the e-minis for months over at IB and have good success. Sorry to hear about your mess.
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