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Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by Moreagr, Sep 8, 2005.

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    i cant get streaming data for equities in thier TWS i have been dependent on another brokers data and place trades through IB to....

    what i want to do is just get streaming data through IB TWS and feed to through qoutetracker or siearra charts and use there backfill capabilties .... what do i need to do to get this started?? i am using fidelity's paltform but i am not happy at all with them right now data has been freezing and stopping all the time.. i cant have them happing when i do 10,000 shares + perday it cost me 400 buck a few days ago when i lost connection with 2000 shares held..::mad:

    HELP!!:confused ::mad:
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    i will try it again.. but it didnt work the first time so i gave up :mad: i was thinking it was on issue on IB's end??
  3. most of the time its a simple configuration issue either in QT or TWS. go through the steps on the setup help page, and if it still is not working for you, email support@quotetracker.com and we will help get you going.
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    thanks Jerry i'll try it tommorrow again.then if it does not work i will e-mail you guys to get this strightened out.

    thanks :)
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    did you contact the help desk?
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    thanks Jerry

    i got the data to work... i just wanted to get back with you... but now i got to figure out how to use the backfill on qt and get use to working the program. i am going over the manual.

    thanks again.
  7. Moreagr

    For QT, make sure you have:
    3.6.4H version of QT (http://www.quotetracker.com/beta)
    849 or higher version of TWS, preferably 851.6

    In QT you should be able to select IB as the backfill source and check the box to auto backfill when chart is opened on OPTIONS/Data Sources menu, Backfill tab.

    After that, when you open the chart, it will backfill in a few seconds if needed
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    thanks again Jerry i'll try that :)