IB Stops not going "dark blue"

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by vikana, Feb 8, 2002.

  1. Sorry to start this again, but this week I've had the problems that my stops only go "light blue" (which means that the order has been transmitted but not accepted), and not "dark blue" (which means accepted).

    This happens for all destinations (NYSE,ISLD etc). If I log out and back in, the stops are "dark blue". This has been reported, but no-one wants to acknowledge the problem. It's been consistent for the all of this week.

    Anyone else seen this ? I'm on 750.5
  2. This happened to me this morning too, but nevertheless, two of my stops were triggered and executed :( There was nothing unusual about the fills.
  3. Funster


    Why not try upgrading to 752.6? I have just upgraded to it today.
  4. Merkur


    I have this problem too, everyone has this problem since some days if he has used or tested it. But this problem appears only if transferred orders are being changed.

    It's has nothing(!) to do with the Version of the TWS (tried 735 and the newest 752.6), why so many guys always think this?

    Helpdesk (in US) is a joke, it's simply a impertinence. Tried chat ("I don't see a problem", "There is no problem with stop orders") and email (no response)

    And there are many other unsolved problems like with partial orders since some days or with conditional orders, which didn't worked anytime.

    I am scared of this un-professionalism, really scared.

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    trust me it is much more professional on the programming side of things. The help desk is going through a bit of a nightmare at the moment with questions regardin 1099's, the new data fees, and some other things I care not to go into here. The dust should settle very soon and better service should be the result. Personally I don't accept when someone on the CS end says - I don't see that and writes it off. I'll pass this one on and I assume it will get fixed. If it can't be replicated I'll ask for an example.
  6. hi def,

    this is unfortunately one of the bugs that is very difficult to replicate. How do you "prove", other than through a screen shot, that an order isn't going live. The system doesn't create any logs that I'm aware of that lets me verify what state it thinks the orders are in. Maybe there is more data at the server end.

    I did submit all the details on the day when it was worst, and have still to hear back, other than "we'll get back to you soon".
  7. Merkur


    At the moment it seems that the stops go live and will be able to be changed though the light blue status-colour. But I am not sure of this.

    Def, you can replicate this problem even with the tws-demos.

    Transmit any stop-order, then change the stop (or limit or size) and retransmit. The order is then only light-blue instead of dark blue, so you are not sure, whether the order is changed correctly or not.

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    i've got access to a live production screen for the prop side in HK, as well as funded accounts for US and other markets. I tested it and it was easy to replicate.

    Also, the audit trail on the IB servers is pretty detailed and will show what is happening. Thus I was able to provide some additional evidence. I assume it will be fixed shortly.
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    more info.
    I went as far as doing a few trades/orders. once dark blue and modified, even though it stays light blue, the order is submitted. When triggered, it goes green (from light blue).
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    Alright, thx for your fast help, Def.

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