IB stops change?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by ddefina, Dec 4, 2001.

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    Today I had two Sell Stops trigger when the Bid hit my election price, not the Ask? Did they change the algorithm, or was it my imagination? That would be awesome if they did! I also had many fill on my stops, so this makes me wonder?... Great day today!:)
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    You know, I wondered the exact same thing, but I couldn't exactly prove it. I usually don't sit and watch my stop orders, but I did have the chance to watch one and it acted as you described. My sister even called me and ask the same question (she trades IB as well)


  3. A different question. I have never tried putting stops during pre-market and after hours trading but have always wondered if IB stops are also valid during this time.

    There were occasions when I entered a position pre-market or after-hours but would like to put a stop right away since I won't be able to monitor the stock trade during regular session. However, I am worried that the stop might prematurely trigger during pre-market or after hours trading because of the larger spread during this time.

    I would appreciate if anyone can explain how IB stops work during this time and if anybody has suggestions on this. Thanks.

    johnny :confused:
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    Stops won't be elected in pre or after hours trading. They only work between 9:30 - 4 pm EST. This applies to futures as well.
    This page explains how it is handled:

    turuk/dedefina, the logic on the above link does states a buy stop is triggered by the bid. As this doesn't equate with what you observed, I'll have to look into it - or perhaps I shouldn't :)
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    Def, you mentioned that stops don't work in pre-market and after hours but will a gtc limit order work during those times?
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    yes, they should work.