IB Stop Loss Orders Not Executing

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  1. I am using TWS ChartTrader, and price is passing right through my stop loss and nothing is happening for several seconds (sometimes 30 seconds or so)!

    Eventually, the stop order executes (at a terrible price). I spoke to a tech and he said to take a screenshot next time this happens.

    I have set my stop trigger method to LAST (rather than the default of double bid/ask). I'm trading liquid stocks (daily volume > 1M).

    Has anyone had this problem? PLEASE HELP!

    Thanks much!
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    Are you putting in a stop or a stop limit?
  3. yes, the price on the charts is not accurate. What market are you trading? I have had it trade through my stop and never get executed, and also get hit even though on the chart it never traded through or even touched.
  4. BSAM, I am using a straight stop order (not stop limit, not adjusted stop). It appears as a line on TWS ChartTrader and I move the line to where I want the stop placed.

    oldtime, I am trading liquid stocks on NYSE and NASD (typical daily volume > 1 million).

    Also important, I have set my stop trigger method to LAST (rather than the default of double bid/ask).
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    Brother Andy, try using a stop limit.
  6. yes, it's a problem with the charts

    I called one morning to ask (complain) about it, and got the kid who thinks all traders are dumbasses.

    There is a girl up there named Robin, if you can get a hold of her, she will not rest until you are happy.
  7. BSAM, that is exactly what I was planning to try. Is it because stop limits have higher priority in the order queue than stop orders?
  8. oldtime,... Well, there certainly are traders who fit the description you mentioned :)
    DO you know the specific issue with the charts? Is it delay related (although I cannot see how that would cause this problem since I can SEE on the chart... the price go well below the stop).
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    Could be, but long ago, in another life, when I was trading stocks, (futures are the only thing to trade, but that's for another thread) I thought the same thing had happened to me.
    Now, I use either market or stop limit.
    I think you will find a distinct difference if you use a stop limit order.
    If you trade tomorrow and get better results, please bring this thread back up.
    I'd be interested in knowing how you come out.
  10. my experience was with forex, in the old days when there was only one NYSE you would not have that problem, but things get routed now. So, the charts are not accurate.
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