IB: Stop loss order NOT Working for ETF??

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by bigbet888, Dec 2, 2008.

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    It has been fine, but for the last two days, I noticed stop loss order is not working on IB. I watched the price crossing the stop loss limit, nothing happened.

    I called IB and they said that for ETFs, I have to enter stop loss limit order. But I experimented with SPY, it is still not working.

    Anyone had similar experience?
  2. It's a stop limit, if your stop and limit prices are the same and it jumps your stop and never returns the limit never gets executed. Try adding some space between the stop trigger and the limit prices.
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    I had the same problem yesterday, actually with SPY. All of my stop loss orders failed to execute even if the price went significantly past them. Everything configured the same as it had been before yesterday when they had worked fine. This happened a dozen times at different times during the day.

    This morning the stops for SPY appear to be working again. I opened a problem ticket with IB on their website yesterday, but have no reply.
  4. Merlin


    Look at which market your using.
  5. I believe Norman is correct. Try using stops without the limit. If the problem still persists then i would complain like hell
  6. There is a possibility that the ETF has not opened on the "primary market" yet. Thus, your stop may not be executed until the ETF begins trading on the "primary market".
  7. I had exactly same issues with anvil. My stop orders got stuck starting monday. I had to use (passive stop orders) and make adjustments under settings(which I forgot).....you should call up IB and ask them what you need to change.
  8. Well you didn't know ?

    Some major shit rule came out of the exchanges for select ETF's, I just heard about it.

    ETF's such as SPY, MDY will no longer have guaranteed execution on stop orders and stop limits because they got kicked out of AMEX so they aren't traded on a primary market anymore.


    SO DON'T USE STOPS , they may not trigger !!!

  9. Where do they trade now? If I type SPY in Yahoo or stockcharts they say it's AMEX.
  10. luckily anvil has passive stop orders which allows stop orders to stay within anvil client and throws it mkt when it gets triggered. the reason that anvil techie told me is that ARCA no longer accepts stop orders.......check out if your system has passive stop orders.
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