IB stop limit not working?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Trend Fader, Jul 15, 2003.

  1. I placed 3 stop limit orders on MERQ, WFMI, CVX.. and none of them were ever executed eventhough the price went right through it. The order stayed blue and never turned green?

    Is something wrong with IB stop orders? Am I the only one having problems today?

  2. I use Stop Mkt orders and they seem to work fine.

    -FastTrader :)
  3. Send the trade info to customer service to see if there is a problem with execution. But as you know, stop limit orders may not execute if you set your limit too close and the markets gaps or moves too fast with not enough intervening trades.
  4. def

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    Agree, please send details to the help desk. I am not kidding when 99.9% of complaints about stops these days are due to incorrect order entry or not understanding how the triggers (which BTW can be configured).
  5. I believe the Aux is the price that has to be touched and limit is the max/min willing to pay?

  6. Bob111


    you right, but here is default settings for trigger-

    If "Double bid/ask" is selected, stop orders will be triggered based on two bids or asks.
    For example, for a sell order, there must be two consecutive asks that are less than
    or equal to the trigger price to trigger the order.

    If "Default" is selected, then the double bid/ask method will be used for orders for
    OTC stocks and US options. All others orders will use the last method.

    is mean-order will be activated(it doesn't mean you will be filled), if price go over it.. (if last <= trigger for sale and if last >= trigger for buy)
    i have same problem(don't know if it related to orders placed thru API or not)-even price go over stop(and trigger price of course) order never get activated(status stay dark blue, not green)

    2 Fast Trader-have no idea about how to set stop market in

    2 Def-stops are all have default settings already. it doesn't matter what settings are-we talking about stops, which never been activated. there is not so many mistakes you can make, when you place stop limit. i for example set trigger price same as stop . if price jump over it-i never get filled, but order at least need to be activated. i was notice this couple days ago, when price been around my stop (+/- 1%) for hour and it never get activated)
  7. Miki


    I had two stops in place – one triggered the other one didn’t – the price just sailed though it.

    I am at the moment talking to IB about it.

    Unfortunately, some people at the helpdesk have problems understanding terms like “GTC SELL STOP” and its application.

    I am sure we’ll get there in the end.
  8. jaiko


    dont waste your time

    most of the time stops are working fine at IB -----but about every 50th stop order doesnt work properly

    IB will tell you arca is the problem

    thats maybe right ----but if you delete arca from IB ----you get bad fills more often

    So you cant solve the problem

    only IB can solve the problem-----maybe in a couple of month or years ????

    who knows
  9. Miki


    For the past few years IB’s stop orders failed to trigger only four or five times.

    Long time ago I realised that nothing is perfect in this world and you need to learn to live with these small imperfections.

    I am sure that sooner or later some of the imperfections will go away.

    Long live IB!