IB stock quotes died on me 15 min to close

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by SoesWasBetter, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. anyone else?
  2. This is like your 22'th complaint about IB -- and strangely yet, you still stay with them.
    My advice to you, is to switch to Etrade,
    Make a killing in the Shock market. So easy... a caveman can do it, o_O
    600 points, or $30K,

    When I am profitable...I feed my beagle a nice porterhouse, big steak.
    When I am not profitable...I just feed him Sweet and Sour pork/beef/chicken.
    Put som sauce on dat thang,
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  3. elt894


    Stocks were fine for me, but some derivatives died at 3:47. I had assumed it was an exchange problem, but could be something on IB's end.
  4. mbondy


    I have an account with IB but with different front end software for data and it was fine.
  5. d08


    No problems here.
  6. MattZ

    MattZ Sponsor

    If you mean Futures, there were fine across a few feeds.
  7. ET180


    I had issues yesterday using WebTrader. It could not retrieve options quotes near the beginning of the last hour of trading. They came back after about 30 mins.
  8. Bob111


    im having problems with submitted orders and 1-2 min disconnections on demo account all day long today. anyone else?