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  1. just to be sure it's not anything on my end, i did a full windows reinstall last night (i was long overdue for it anyway), and it's happening again today. is this the same situation as with the market orders where Timber takes a look at your trade and decides whether or not they want to take it?
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    When I emailed IB about it, they said it was because the system was not receiving order cancellations from the exchanges fast enough.

    SMART routing is constantly sending out and cancelling orders based on the montage so if one cancel doesn't come back, that halts the entire process.

    Now to me, this sounds like IB's order server is having capacity issues. Its certainly not a general problem with the exchanges as my backup broker works just fine. Of course getting IB to admit it is another issue entirely.

    Any IB tech people reading this? If you are, I want to know if institutional accounts have their own separate order server.
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    Have you contacted the IB help desk?
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  4. Hi, yes, I spoke with tac, and the trade problems desk. They told me that they don't see the blue error code or time delays in their audit trail and suggested I try the browser version, but since my machine is spick and span, my TWS and java versions are up to date, my quotes are feeding fine the whole time, and new orders are transmitting successfully while the delays are happening, intuitively I don't see this being a software issue on my side.

    I am successfully transmitting marketable and non-marketable globex limit orders, they are being received by IB, and then somewhere in the routing process or IB's communication with the exchange, they are hanging, regrettably until the fairly thin market i'm trading has moved away from me at which point they begin to work again about 5-10 seconds later.

    I don't fully understand why the delays or the error code aren't appearing in IBs audit because I can plainly see in the spread and my charting platform that the orders in question aren't hitting the market.
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    Ib Soft/Def;
    Let me rephrase the question, on the TWS work bar, configure,misc, SMART routing options;

    question was have you had much trouble with any options exchanges besides AMEX not honoring quotes /slow fills????

    Great idea enabling excluded exchanges on SMART ;
    I remember when Def first mentioned this feature, because AMEX was not honoring quotes/ ultra slow fills.

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