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    show me proof and details. You absolutely have no clue what you are talking about. IB doesn't play any games with customer orders.

    The facts are very simple. IB's SMART routing in options is probably the best in the business.

    As far as I know we are also the only firm dynamically routing retail orders to move from one exchange to the next in attempts to achieve better fills.

    IB is also the only firm that I know of that takes the execution risk when trying to leg spreads electronically between different exchanges.

    A large number of institutions and many of the largest brokers utilize IB's SMART routing to execute for their clients. When proposing our routing services to them, we are quick to show them our routing statistics. Why? It speaks and sells for itself.

    as an aside to your ridiculous comment about trade busts for timber hill (which of course has nothing to do with IB orders)..... Where do you draw the line? last month a firms screw up caused tmbr to execute over 100K contracts in a few seconds. The firm that messed up hit every offer and bid on the same delta side that was sitting at the exchange. Due to the milliseconds in difference between orders submitted to the exchange, a number of trades took place at poor prices when quotes were being updated. Let's assume the delta was over 1000 futures. When you are electronic you immediately hedge the delta. The initial 100K trades trigger thousands of other trades with third parties. So what do you do? Let the party that messed up out of their trades and take the hit on your hedge? Sorry, can't do that. Instead you rebook the trades that are grossly out of range.
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    Let's not waste any more of our time and effort responding to Cluseau. I think he managed to show his true colors through his own posts better than we can through our responses. I think the only thing he deserves at this point is to be ignored.

    Let's save the time we are willing to spend on the forum on reading the comments that can lead to the improvements in our system and on addressing concerns of polite existing or prospective IB customers.

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  3. Please disregard my comments and as you say my ignorance of IB policies and practices. I am truly sorry if i have caused IB or ET harm regardless if what i posted is true or false. I will no longer interfere with IB business here at ET even to direct members to information regarding disclosure agreements. Please continue to do business here unabated by me and again i apologize about any perceived loss IB or ET may have incurred due to my comments.


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  4. anybody see marketable and non-marketable limits sticking in some sort of pending status for a few seconds today while the mkt is slipping away from you? the spread was nice and stationary when i transmitted, and immediately started running thereafter. internet connection was fine obviously, as i could see the damn thing slipping away.

    functionality returns 5-6 seconds later just in time for me to fill two ticks higher. that's a new one

    *"LIGHT BLUE indicates that you have transmitted your order, but have not yet received confirmation that it has been accepted by the order destination."
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    Its been happening to me all day. Smart limit orders for nasdaq stocks keep sticking and not executing. I'm emailing the help desk about it.
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  6. ================

    Def & IBsoft;

    That was/is a smart idea-SMART routing ,options;
    helped your SMART routing live its name this week by excluding AMEX exchange.

    Both of you get to supervise a lot of option trades, why
    would some want to SMART route & exclude BOX????????

    Question refers to individuals/institutions trading ;
    not the exchanges that didnt want competition.

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    are you the 7thdim. there is a similarity
    in the style of writing. of course both of you have strong complaints about IB.
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    Sorry, what is the question?
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    "strong complaints about IB"
    to clarify: vociferous but invalid complaints about IB
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    Looks like you got the word.

    I guess I don't need to go to law school... :p
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