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  1. great, i'm glad you guys are having success using IB...

    i'm going to open a three million dollar account at IB first thing monday and use def and ids as my contacts--the 'coors right' brothers...
    .. i'm going to use only non-directed market orders for stocks that trade over $50 per share. i'll get a full report to you about slippage next month.

    in the meantime you can read about some fraud that timber settled with clients...nothing too serious, just the usual stuff...




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  2. def

    def Sponsor

    I'll be waiting for your PM, I'll be happy to personally assist as I'm sure you have that kind of cash lying around.

    Regarding your link to sanctions. You are state that they point to "some fraud". That is grossly incorrect. You should choose your words more carefully. It's also interesting how that site doesn't post any dates along with their sanctions. at least you have the decency to point out that they are minor sanctions. For what it's worth:

    1. A locked market pre-opening points to a technical problem.

    2. the second points to shorting on a downtick which if anything would help a client. that points to a coding issue which I'm certain was immediately corrected.
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  3. i hope everyone read the link with IB.

    they were sued for playing the 'NBBO game' with customers orders. there are plenty of current lawsuits pending but i think you can search for those on your own.
    also, if you want a real opinion and not one from a hired gun you should call your attorney or an attorney familiar with investment fraud and ask them to review IB's customer agreement and current 'status'. also, remember folks--you are retail--different rules apply to institutions. hope this helps anyone looking to use IB(timberhill). good luck.

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  4. Eldredge


    Back to the technical problems with TWS, my orders for EMD and ER2 are taking a long time (relatively) to go "green" this morning. The problem could very well be on my side, but I was wondering if anyone else is still having this problem.
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  5. they have this invention now called a telephone--it has numbers on it and rings. if you dail the numbers for IB, you can ask THEM this question since it's most likely related solely to YOU. good luck partner.

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  6. Xenia


    Could not find any of them ...

    P.S. Let´s open a new thread where you can show us those lawsuits.
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  7. don't listen to Cluseau ,

    as def said IB can't trade against emini customers orders they are sent to the exchange , this guy should learn to read first Timber is MM for stocks and equities but orders are executed against NBBO unless Timber improves price
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  8. sail


    Inspector C. go bark at another firm.

    Those of us who actually use IB, know first hand from the thousands of trades we have executed over the past five years... that IB is simply the best deal out there.

    Great executions at reasonable prices.
    I have never experienced any monkey business with my orders.

    Wish I could say the same for many other brokers.
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  9. you two are meatheads, what can i say. nothing more to it.

    the fact is, AVID CONSUMER needed information about where to find IB's order routing and affiliation agreements. i provided it to him. he thanked me for it in a PM. everything after the fact is just a waste of time.
    IB is trying to save face by ringing the red phone at ET.
    who gives a F*ck about the two of you and IB. Not me. I could care less if they are the best or the most disliked in the business.
    Ask any professional trader about Timbers trade bust policy--they have none--it prints, you bought or sold pal.



    P.s. you guys take it form here...ignore
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  10. sprstpd


    The fact that they presented their experiences with IB makes them meatheads? I stick up for IB, even though they have had rough spots, because I do well by them. Certainly opinions of others besides yourself have some weight.

    You didn't just answer his question (not sure if you even did that) - you used it as a platform to launch attacks at IB.

    Maybe if your tone wasn't so confrontational, you wouldn't come across as a person just out to get IB.

    People who make the typos and expect to be bailed out are the root of the problem, not IB.
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