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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Avid_Consumer, Apr 14, 2005.

  1. hitman505


    I have been using ib for quite a while now, wat i can say is there is something going on - ib is making a cut somewhere along the line - i always get the worst price fills in market orders

    Why is that ib??????

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  2. funny replies...

    for the record, i have no axe to grind, no sour grapes.
    i am not an IB customer, never was an IB customer.
    i do know someone from timber.

    i believe i answered and directed avid consumer to the information he sought, he will make up his mind, not me.

    as for def,
    you are a wage earner that is told what to say.
    you have no mind of your own and if you did you would not be allowed to say what is on your mind because IB has you locked in a contract. trying to manipulate people proactively is something i discourage for your sake. just let them take headers themselves, it's working, leave it be.

    for those of you who take this personally, i don't.

    do some research before you spout off accusations about my intentions to defame IB. they are of no concern to me. i was simply trying to help a fellow brethren find information. he can make up his own mind. i simply stated what happens, accurately.

    pseudo attorney need not reply--go to law school before you choke on your own words...

    take care

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  3. IBsoft

    IBsoft Interactive Brokers

    You admit that you are not an IB customer and you never were. Yet, you are comfortable accusing IB of various things. I don't know who you are, but I am pretty sure that if the forum was not anonymous you would think twice before writing the stuff you write.

    As to your knowing someone at Timber: I don't know who that is, what they told you and what they think they know. Think about it. If you go to the supermarket and you ask the cashier about where the supermarket buys the merchandise and what the markup is, he'll probably tell you something. The question is how accurate that something is.

    As to those that take your posts personally. I do and I am pretty sure def does as well. Both he and I are a part of senior management, so believe me - we know how our systems work and that the information we are giving you is accurate.

    And finally, this forum is for active traders. If you are one of them, I invite you to open an account with us and see for yourself. I am confident that the experience you'll have will make you change your mind about what you currently think our practices are.
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  4. senior management does not chat on forums. you are a liar. you and def are too busy trying to put out this flame but you never actually fully explained in legal terms what the implications are of such a contract. if you would take the time to explain to your customers that because of mentioned agreement, timber has a RIGHT to trade against them and take a better price for their account, you would have way less customers.

    senior management LOLOLOLOL

    have a good weekend chat guy

    i would say it to your face too...where are you located?

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  5. ids


    Dear Sir,
    I am not from senor management, as an opposite to def and IBSoft. Let me put my 5 cents anyway. Please, read http://www.interactivebrokers.com/download/4Q-2004-IB-Order-Routing-Report.pdf before your next post. It is very well explained there. Rules of the game are regularly published. As you probably know, we are working under supervision of very serious guys. Do you really think that it makes sense for us to cheat and put on stake our future?
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  6. "we are working under supervision of very serious guys"
    LOLOLOL...are you for real? look at todays litigation landscape...


    yes and these "serious guys" are very comfortable with how you 'handle' the 'public' until they need to fine tune a healthier public perception and fry one of you IB's. the system, is the system. pay in or take out. i merely pointed out to avid consumer the information he sought. so you can pine him. please feel free to bring ALL of your friends and co-workers on this thread that work in conjunction with you at IB. we can all have a big discussion about nothing. funny thing about contracts is that they legally bind both parties. do your statistics or hearsay or thoughts do that?

    meager attempt....

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  7. def

    def Sponsor

    Sr. Mgmt that cares does post on such forums. FYI, I got involved on this site a number of years ago when someone, similar to yourself, was posting misleading and false information about our firm.

    As for the right to trade against customers, I guess Morgan, Goldman etc should all be out of business based upon your rational. Regardless of whether or not IB can legally trade against clients and take a better price, IB only attempts to provide clients the best available price. And for those clients who are skeptics, they can route directly to any exchange independently.

    So let me state this again clearly:
    IB's affiliates do have the right to trade against IB clients. HOWEVER, note the caps, IB affiliates will ONLY trade against their clients if they can match or better the NBBO. We make a point of noting this in our quarterly reporting to the SEC (you can read this report as well on our site).

    Our execution stats are posted on our site. Our fills are most often measured in milliseconds. Our clients are knowledgeable and if we were shafting them, they'd be the first to complain.

    So you want to say this to my face, please do. I'd welcome the opportunity to answer all of your questions and set you straight. I'm in Hong Kong. You can look us up when you get out here. Please make an appointment though, as I have a business to manage.
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    Cluseau: this is getting pretty sad.

    I've known def (his real name also) since 2001 and always found him (and IB) honest, responsive, and interested in resolving any issue I've had (or thought I've had). Why don't you simply document what you see and ask them to take a look at it. I'd be surprised if they don't want to get to the bottom of this perceived misunderstanding as well.
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  9. PetaDollar

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    On every trade we make, someone has the other side and is "trading against us". The profitable trader gets the best of it and gives the sucker bet to the other side. So every trade I make, I thank whoever it is trading against me. If it's my broker, that's his problem.
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  10. Not that anybody will give a shit, but I trade NQ with market orders through IB. I plot the inside market on a one second chart using E-Signal and look back at it to check my fill. I ALWAYS get filled nearly instantaneously at the inside market. And YES, E-Signal and IB ALWAYS agree on what the inside market is. But maybe that's just because I never call customer service and give them hell or rag on them here.
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