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  1. ok, enough is enough. has anyone else noticed recently, that their IB globex market orders sit for 1-3 seconds before filling.

    I thought maybe it was temporary, but i just sent an order to buy at what looked like a pretty steady ask, only to come back a tick worse after sitting for a few secs, and there wasnt any sort of surge happening at the time i sent the order.

    frustrating. they always used to be immediate regardless of what was happening in the mkt, but more and more they seem to hang until price moves against me .. well after the order is sent

    anyone else? in the last 3 weeks maybe is when this started, and it now happens almost every time
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    I never use market orders with IB. Just limit orders that cross the market if I want a quick fill.
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    If you PM me your account number and the order particulars, I will gladly have it checked. Thanks.
  4. i do that as well for the first contract or two, and yes its always an immediate hit, then often the rest in one big batch as a mkt

    we all know how mkt orders can hang in a furious mkt, but under the circumstances on my screen, this lag isnt right
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    I found market orders to be unuseable with IB and stopped using them due to huge slippage due to the slowness - I am sure it was due to slowness not due to thinness - same applies to 'reverse' function on front ends - use limit or STOP MKT which are OK.
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    I use marketable limit orders (EMD and ER2), and I have been having a problem with them not filling instantly too - actually, they aren't going live instantly - really frustrating when the market is moving. I had a similar problem about a month or so ago, that was resolved. I don't remember what happened to fix it last time, but I'm pretty sure it was something IB fixed. Hopefully this won't last long.
  7. yes, these are er2 orders as well
  8. IB gives it's parent company Timber Hill first look at all non-directed marketable orders!!!

    i have said on this forum...chinese wall is porous...

    be careful with IB and market orders...they sell order flow and trade against customers...

    tell me that price improvement is passed on to the customer and i'll laugh you out of the building...price improvements and hidden pools of liquidity are timbers gain, not yours...

    why would anyone trade at a firm that trades against customer orders....use your head dumbass

    hope this helps.

  9. i've heard lots of this speculation over time, how do you know this with certainty? a friend is suggesting its in the user agreement, does anyone know if and where?
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    Cluseaus accusations are baseless.
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