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  1. When do settlement prices get calculated on IB statements?

    The Euro Currency futures and the EURO conversion rate, do not match on my futures or FOREX chart.

  2. I find that each day's statement correctly shows the futures settlement price as reported by the exchange for the previous day. For example, for your November 8 statement that will arrive the morning of November 9, the Euro futures settlement price will be as reported by CME for November 8. They determine this price based on trading at a time earlier than the day's close. I think they do this at 2pm Central Time.
  3. How about for the EURO exchange rate? Isn't that the EUR/USD forex price?
  4. I've never checked on the accuracy of the cash forex rates shown on the statement. My assumption is that they are consistent time wise with the futures rates. That is, the difference between the cash and futures rate shown on the IB statement should be the same as the difference between cash and futures rates during the trading day. But this is only my guess.
  5. FX desks tend to mark their books around 5PM. NY is pretty much done, and Tokyo hasn't come in yet.

    No...not the same as futures. Different markets.
  6. Thanks for the reply. Is that 5pm Eastern? I'm in the Central time zone.
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    Yes 5pm EST and that is generally when they will mark-to-market any positions .. for margin purposes.
  8. Thanks!