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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Bob111, May 6, 2008.

  1. Bob111


    once again IB force us to upgrade standalone TWS. from 06/13/08 i must have 877.9 or higher. Question to standalone TWS users-which one is good from your experience? on which java version?

    Thank you!
  2. rwk


    I am using TWS 882.2, Java 1.5.0_13, API 9.40, and WinXP pro, and everything seems to be running smoothly. I tend to be slow to upgrade.
  3. Lucrum


    TWS 882.2
    Java 1.6.0_5

    No problems except for OCO orders not working but I don't think that's a version specific problem.
  4. MR.NBBO


    TWS 884.3
    Java 1.6.0_05
    API 9.3
    Server 2003 R2 OS

    I've had problems importing my old settings and getting erratic behavior in multiple prior versions.
    Clean 884 install, and complete reconfiguration by hand, 884 seems to be more responsive and has been fine with the API. I'll be moving to 884 across the board for my needs in the next couple days.
  5. nbbo, have you tried copying the tws.xml file to a clean install to avoid having to redo everything?
  6. Catoosa


    TWS 884.3 or 882
    JAVA 1.5.0_13
    Windows 2000

    Both TWS versions running great. I like the look 884.3 Classic a bit more than 882.
  7. Lucrum


    Downloaded 884.3 and I already wished I hadn't. I don't like the "new" look.
    In fact the column headings are now barley readable. Is there some way to remove that stupid fucking TWS Feature Search? It takes up WAY too much space.

    I can't believe there are people with so much time on their hands that they have nothing better to do but dream up these petty "improvements".

    I wish IB could just focus reliability and stop fixing things that aren't broke.
  8. 882 FOREVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I HATE 883/884 v.
  9. When i upgraded to the latest version of the java TWS, i couldnt backfill my data using quotetracker. I have since downgraded to the previous TWS and everything is okay. Hope i dont have to upgrade anytime soon.
  10. MR.NBBO


    Yes, but after doing this thru multiple++ builds...things get ugly, so it was just plain time to start fresh.

    The new GUI takes some getting used to for sure, and they screwed some things up on them all...but I'm just starting to get used to "classic". Note it is much more crisp, and for me, certainly is more responsive on dual/quadcore machines.
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