IB "stamp taxes" in UK/Hong Kong

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  1. Anybody here have any experience with the "stamp taxes" in the UK & Hong Kong?

    When are those deducted? Do they apply for intra-day trades or just longer holding periods?

    Is it just applicable for retail traders or also other account types?

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    Stamp tax in HK is applied at the time of the trade for all stock transactions. Warrants are not charged.

    Take a look at this link for a list of all fees.

    With IB, Exchange trading fees, exchange trading tariff, CCASS settlement fees, and CCASS custody fees are included in the commission. Government stamp duty (0.1%, applies to stocks only) and SFC transaction levy (0.004%, applies to stocks and warrants) are directly passed through to the customer.

    For UK, stamp tax is also directly passed to the customer.
  3. Thanks for the fast response. So in HK it is per side, does the same apply for the UK?

    0.5% in and 0.5% out seems quit a bit for day trades....
  4. when are you guys stepping up to offer more Asian Cash Equities trading??
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    I think it is just on purchases in the UK.

    Australia should be up soon.