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  1. In a now resolved thread, it was advised to use IB's SLL. I haven't used it up until now because of some vague recollection of problems mentioned in the past.

    IB encrypts our password info anyway but the SSL option appears to encrypt order info too:

    "For added security, use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) by checking Use SSL. Note that
    your identity and trading information are always protected. Using SSL gives added
    privacy and integrity to your order information as it travels over the internet. Minor
    performance impacts may be experienced depending on the capabilities of your PC."

    Does anyone have any idea how much these performance impacts would be on moderately modern PCs (say 2Ghz+ rather than 3Ghz and dual processors)?

    (Also, where do you switch it on now?)
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    Hi Kiwi,
    I can't see any performace hit on my system (amd 2400 which is about 2ghz).

    In the login screen, there is a checkbox for 'use ssl'. I normally use twsstart which has a similar checkbox on the configuration page.

    Not sure it is necessary, but I have seen no reason not to use it.