IB SPX Options Desk now available

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  1. IB Kevin

    IB Kevin

    Interactive Brokers recently launched its Options Trading Desk to support voice brokered quotes and executions on S&P 500 index options. We strive to get the best execution for your trades by providing direct access to pit brokers who handle orders exclusively for IB clients.

    Benefits of trading SPX options through our trading desk include:

    • Tighter markets and access to liquidity not available electronically
    • Spread orders eliminate the risk of getting an execution on only one leg
    • Real time quotes increase the opportunity for price improvement before exposing an order
    • Low commission rates with all exchange fees included and no ticket charges

    Interactive Brokers’ Options Trading Desk is ideal for clients who trade large (100+ contracts) or complex orders and need better access to the SPX pit. If you are having difficulty getting quality executions online, one of our brokers can help complete your trade.

    To discuss how IB can help service your index trading needs, please contact our trading desk at optiondesk@interactivebrokers.com. Thank you.
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