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  1. How come the spread doesnt add up right? Just having the Jul minus the Dec is -16.25, how come it shows -9.25? Can someone who knows why please explain?
  2. Double check that the spread you chose isn't the Sep-Dec.
  3. Nope. Pretty sure is Jul - Dec
  4. I suggest you post this question in the AG futures section
    where it looks like some traders are posting comments on
    corn ... and see what more knowledgeable folks say about this
    JULY 07 - DEC 07 spread
  5. Right click on the data line and select
    Contract Info->Description

    Make sure that matches your expectations.

    I have this spread and the Jul/Nov Soy spread on my TWS at all times, and I've not seen this problem.
  6. inet


    Hi FullyArticulate,

    Woud you please tell me how to add spread quote to IB TWS?

  7. The description is right.
    So, you mean your TWS show the correct spread of -16 on the exact same setup as mine?
  8. The easiest way is to go to a new market data line and enter the root symbol--in this case 'ZC'.

    When the menu asking you what ZC is pops up, select "Comb". You can then put together any calendar you'd like on that future.

    You can also create generic combos (soy vs corn for example) by selecting an empty market data line and selecting "Generic Combo". You can then drag and drop market data lines into the popup window.
  9. I'll verify tomorrow when the market is active and let you know.
  10. Here is the quote on sunday's night. The spread description is consistent with the 2 contracts. It still doesnt add up right.
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