IB Spread Trader help?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by heech, May 7, 2010.

  1. heech


    Anyone familiar enough with IB SpreadTrader, to help me figure out how to use this thing? I'm trying to put in a strangle in June crude futures.

    1. So, I type in 'CL' as underlying.
    2. Futures Options Combo -> NYMEX (USD)
    3. Select 'Strangle'.
    4) Month '20100517'
    5) I just pick call strike as 90.
    6) select one of the strategies that pop up.. for example put at 80.
    7) Click next.
    8) Up pops a dialog:

    "Configure table variables [Month - 20100517, Call Strike - 90.0]"

    Put strike: column variable, row variable, or fixed value.

    No matter what I pick for put strike, I'm screwed. Doesn't work. "At least one selection should be row variable", or "column variable".

    How do I make this thing go?