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  1. What is the best way to enter spread orders using IB? I do both intracommodity spreads and intermarket spreads. Can both orders be fired off at the same time?
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    We currently don't have an intermarket spread function. If you'd like to see one, I'd suggest sending an e-mail with the request to ibmgt@interactivebrokers.com (be as specific as possible as to what you want).

    For intramakret spreads, it depends.
    -For stock options, use the combo function and the menus are self-explanatory to set up the following - boxes, butterflies, cal sprds, syntethic put/call, diagonals, straddles, strangles, synthetics and vertical spreads in the ratios of your choice).
    -For stock futures, use the comb button to choose the months.
    -For futures, use the futsprd button.
  4. Thanks def. Where do I find the futsprd button?
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    when you add a market, it is on the menu that pops up.

    another thing that comes to mind is that you can use conditional or OCA orders to leg into spreads. Ie. if filled on market X then send in an order to market Y.
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    Am I missing something? I don't see how to price the spread or are both sides sent as market orders.

    eg a debit spread at 1.00 and I wanted to try at .95 could I?
  7. When you place simultaneous market orders, it has the same effect as entering a spread without telling the floor what you are doing.
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    What about to use a basket order.

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    Here is my frontend for monitoring and placing spread orders on IB. If you're interested, just PM me.