IB spread on USD CAD is poor

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by junkone, Dec 24, 2007.

  1. junkone


    I am looking at a bid ask spread of 4 pips on usdcad these days. I am seeing it this worse in the last few weeks. whats going on suddenly that the spread is so POOR.
  2. cvds16


    just trade the futures
  3. Holiday season is going on. Thin trading. 8 pips spread in the CAD globex futures, too.
  4. If its with IB is it 4 pips or 4 half pips? I kinda like getting half pip spreads (vs 1 or 2 pips on futures) for the euro usd earlier today.

    Check it against the futures.

    I looked at Oanda on Sunday open (an hour or so in) and the IB spreads rocked by comparison.
  5. cstfx


    On Sundays open, Oanda keeps spreads at 10 pips on pairs until 8pm then allows them to "float". Their spreads don't tighten until Eurpe/USA time, even on the Asian pairs, which I thought as quite wierd. You'd think the Asian pairs would tighten up during the Asian sessions.
  6. junkone


    its 4 full pips for usd cad. drives me nuts
  7. Try the futures and remember it is a holiday so light trade.
  8. junkone


    can someone verify with usdcad with mbtrading. they claim thier spread is 1/10 pip. if they are really that low. i am jumping ship from IB.

    I see today no different from rest of the days. eurusd 1 pip spread. usdchf 2 pip spread. usdcad for past 4 weeks 4 pip spread.
  9. BenChi


    with IB why not sit on the bid (offer) and make this work to your advantage...
  10. cstfx


    They claim the spread can be "AS LOW AS " 1 pip, but I have never seen it, even in the fastest of markets. Can you also believe that you can find spreads as low as 1/10 pip on the GBP/JPY as well?

    Also, if you go with MBT, your commission costs jump 150% than what you pay at IB ($2 vs 5), so take that into your calculations as well.
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