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  1. I have to say, I hear alot of Good things aout Interactivebrokers, BUT one thing that bothers meis that,,,, There Software REALLY REALLY SUCKS.

    I would of thought with all the good things said they would of created a Real software program to run rather than a full blown Java based thing like they made. It s very poor compared to others that are out there.

    My 2 cents worth.
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    I disagree. The main reason why I stay with them is because of their software. Learn to use it, and you will find it to be far superior than the usual montages you see at other direct access firms.
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    Only thing really wrong with IB software is the constant updates. (Well, actually, I'm excluding the charting.:) )
  4. Well I have to say the software is Poor and so are the charts. Trying theres and try a few others shoots theirs down. Even Scotstrade Elite software blows theres way out of the water hands down.

    Maybe cause its real and not heavy Java based as theres is.:p
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    Whoa Nellie!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just took a look at the latest beta from IB. Check out the charting in the new Version 848. NOW we're getting somewhere!!!

    Thanks IB. Now you're on the right course!
  6. Beta .. With my money or yours.. So were Ginny pigs now..

    If there Java based program (Joke) was a stock I would try to short it. Thats How I feel about it.. Now there service may be great, but the software ... well they need to hire some real programmers and not those 2 year java techs you find in the paper
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    Is your glass half full or half empty? The trading software is fine. It's the charts that have been in desperate need of being upgraded. IB has now taken some serious steps in the right direction in their charting with the release of this new beta.

    I say hooray and keep up the good work, IB. It's all about progress, whether we're discussing trading abilities, software improvements, or whatever.

    My glass usually stays half full. What say you?
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    When you short a stock, and the end of the day comes do the settlements have to be compleated or do you hold it just like a regular stock at the end of the day as long as funds are there to cover?

    people who ask these kind of questions
    should be reluctant to give opinions laced with vitriol.

    (nobody forces you to use the beta version)
    (ib gives excellent execution, is reasonably priced and is trying to improve its online help serrvice which has been an ongoing issue for years)
  9. Well I think you said it best right here when I quote "ib gives excellent execution, is reasonably priced and is trying to improve its online help serrvice which has been an ongoing issue for years"

    Just like I said service is great and software Bad.

    Im done here you wont change my decision on this, Any Java software is nto real software and suffers from speed rules among other flaws. Thats why so many companys like Ebay have slowly thinned java out even in there posts.

    Good luck , and read up on java based.
  10. I agree. It would be hard to design on purpose a worst layout then what Ib has. It's a joke.

    My suggestion, get rid of java which is a toy and get something real.

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