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  1. Catchy...

    Anyway, if you have "BEST" plugged into the Quick Stock Entry (which was a very very nice touch, IB) you have to delete it and change it to SMART.

    I haven't noticed any other changes/bugs yet.

  2. I noticed some frozen quotes in my TWS workstation today

    logging off and on does not do the trick , but I got a bulletin

    that the tech guys are working on the issue.

  3. usual bs...some of my orders weren't being accepted for about a 5min period earlier this AM...seems like it's almost fixed.
  4. I was trying to buy 5 BMY calls when market was 1.8bid/1.85 offered. I transmitted using TWS and got a fill for 1.45. I thought this trade would be busted coz it was an instant $175 winner. So i didn't do anything, BMY tanked hard next 4 minutes and I covered by selling the calls at 1.30 so I lost $75. Do you guys think the trade at 1.45 would be busted leaving me short the calls at 1.30. I called IB and they said that they need to hear from the exchange which could be end of day. Yikes. ShouldI not have covered at 1.30 .
  5. Bhodee


    Are you guys using the windows or Java workstation? Which is recommended?


  6. This may be off topic a little, but has anyone noticed that the TWS standalone version 768 is ultra-slow compared to previous versions? I am comparing it to version 765 and it seems like it is 5 times slower. Has anyone had this problem?

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    I also have the same feeling, but this started before I upgraded to 768 2 days ago (was using 762).
    Are your quotes ok? My Nasdaq quotes are 1-5 seconds delayed. This has been going on for the past couple of days, and I believe, this is affecting my order execution, too, since I usually use SMART market orders. IB said they were working on it, and apologized for the problem.