IB smart route just killed me

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by itrader63, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Any one having problems today on IB smart route, I couldnt get out of a position as smart order just hung, used other ecns and wouldnt fill me on the ask, called and been on hold for 40 minutes
  2. Bob111


    yes. i was trying to exit from MAKO and smart always sending it to NSX. it was small leftover like 70 shares or so..damn bid was higher than my order-no fill. tried like 5 times-always NSX. i have to create an order ticket and choose island-filled right away..yeahh..smart..maybe for IB
  3. ktm


    There may have been an issue today.

    I had a spread order that seems like it should have been executed between 1:30 and 2pm today. I was watching it and it just wouldn't execute. I was getting ready to cancel the spread and do it manually when the market pushed back on the Fed minutes.

    I'm not sure if this was something systemic at IB or what, but it was interesting that you guys had an issue around the same time.
  4. seeno73


    I had same problem, I used a different exchange and it got me out, but instead of scratch I lost
  5. jesseah


    I have been having many issues with IB smart. Yesterday they routed half my order to a dark pool and they said the dark was having issues so I wasn't filled. Volume traded at my price and through my price. Too bad for me, but sometimes if I get filled I get a rebate of a whopping .001! so I miss a big trade because IB wants payment for order flow. Great
  6. Bob111


    heh..welcome to my world of pain :p
    they have fees on routing directly to particular exchange\ECN for a reason.
  7. Umm... Something is off. If what you say is true then they broke a pretty well known rule regarding the handling of customer orders.