IB slows down a lot: First market oder takes longer to execute

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by BPtrader, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. Again, my first order (market) took an extra 5 seconds to get filled at IB.

    IB slows down because it has probably given too much server capacity to the Mexican Stock Exchange and the New Dehli Exchange.

    Let me ask you this question: Who the hell is trading Mexican, Indian or Chilean stocks?

    I have never found the so-called "range of services" an advantage. I think it is a drawback. IB should focus on narrower range of services and make the services better.
  2. moarla


    what symbol what exchange, what time etc.
    without this infos your post is senseless
  3. why don't you develop some brain cells to make sense out of my post?

    My post is not that hard to understand, you know.

    ps: Idiot!

    ps2: who taught you "this infos"?
  4. moarla


    well, simple questions, but if you are not able to response....
    my next question would be, assuming you are an US citizen, if the education level you showing is that low all over the country or if you didnt get a qualified schooling...

  5. mf, you are murdering the English language :D :D

    "to response," "an US citizen," "education level you showing," "didnt," "qualified schooling."

  6. "terriroty"....
  7. moarla


    well, my first language is german (100% perfect)
    my second is italian (99% perfect)
    my third is english (not so perfect lol )

    what languages are you speaking?
    my guess is US-english

  8. moarla


    but no real response to my questions...

    another question: did you resolve your problem with IB (message from IB to you :
    "We are going to restrict your trading activities because our emails to you have been returned")?