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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by HotTip, Jul 23, 2007.

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    This is something that's been consistent of the last few TWS versions. My P&L column is soooo slow to update when I click from page to page. I have to wait a good 30 sec before I can see how I'm doing with each page/strategy. It seems to only do it on pages where I have overnight positions. On pages where I have positions that I entered today, the P&L update is immediate. Anyone else encountering this?

    I'm not sure if TWS is waiting for the next tick to update each P&L line, but it should at least estimate it based on the average of the bid/ask, or based on the last tick. It's pretty frustrating.
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    Hey, why should you look at P&L during the session? They say it has some bad effects on your performance.
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  5. I've alerted them of this issue a few weeks ago. I was waiting up to 10-15 minutes and more and often whole pages would not update after market closed.

    It's a little better lately but I'd like to see things back to when all P&L on a page would update within 10 sec of clicking on it.
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    maybe they not really fix this issue.
    happends all the time with IB
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    I thought the P&L field was waiting for tick data to get updated, but apparently not. I sat and watched the volume go up on a particular ticker, yet the P&L for that ticker never changed. What's going on IB?!!
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    I've been informed by IB that they've addressed the issue in v875, of which the standalone version will be released in a week. Thanks IB! You guys rock!
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    has anyone noticed that their P&L window hasn't been updated for about an hour?
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    looks like they like to broke things, that works fine for years, to fix them again later. PnL issue remind me transmit order issue in 871-873 builds, where when you click on T, on grid to send your order to exchange-and it's stuck. Works fine for years, yet some genius from IB decide to make it 3D looking. as result-everything is f**ed up and it took them 2 month to fix. I still have it in 873.3, don't know about 874.

    Have to to admit, that TWS and IB handle yesterday carnage very well.
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