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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by minimi, May 21, 2003.

  1. minimi


    Did you feel it or is it just me? There is now a quite large lag between order submission and change of order status/show-up of order in size.

  2. samaritan

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    Please send an email to ibhelpdesk with specifics of a 'slow' order example. Include the symbol, time of day, price and size, as well as the account from which the order was posted.

    In the subject line of your email include the following "slow order entry". I have alerted the helpdesk to forward the email to me.

    Thank you.
  3. TraderC


    I was just about to open an acct with IB. I guess I won't at this point.
  4. Magna

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    I strictly trade the eminis and I haven't had a single problem, delay of order-entry, slow execution, etc. for the past few weeks. However, it may be because I am still using a considerably older version (low 780's) of TWS and it seems alot of the problems have occurred with the newer revisions.
  5. minimi


    Well, I wouldn't draw such a conclusion as whether this is an IB problem is unknown. In fact, IB is relatively transparent that you can feel the difference while the other bloody greedy brokers just hide all these so that you don't even know but be satisfied with their poor quality and feed their pockets.

    IB is relatively fair than many other brokers. If you like IB, trade more. Otherwise if their rules or techniques hurt you, just try to get some profit with minimum commissions and let them punish themselves. This is natural balancing.

  6. Good point. I've only had problems since the upgrades - never had before...

  7. You've been a member since 2001 and you are just now deciding to open an acoount?

    Do you reserve the TraderC sock puppet for cases like this? I suppose I'm to ask which broker ARE you going to open an account with to which you'd respond with the name of the broker you happen to work for.
  8. TraderC


    Hey Puffy,

    I have traded with many brokers since 1999 (Brown, Datek, CyberTrader, TradeStation, etc..). I don't work for anyone but myself. I am not satisified with my current brokers so I have been looking to try new ones.

    Maybe you work for someone? :D

  9. Well, I hate posting on a thread started by someone on my ignore list (minimi/qdz)... but the post is appropriate.

    Some TWS order executions are still painfully slow on the latest standalone version. Today's example:

    12:09pm EST I entered an order to Buy 1 DIA June 75.0 Put (DAVRW) for $0.05. The 'Ask' was $0.05, 200 contracts.

    I watched as this order took 1 minute 40 seconds to execute!

    This is just an example, but I've lost nickels & dimes with delays trading OEX and SPX options.

    This, despite IB's e-mail that 'the problem should be fixed.'

    Samaritan you still listening?? (Yes I sent trade details to helpdesk. Btw, if we e-mail using IB's online template, we cannot customize the subject line as you suggest above.)
    #10     May 30, 2003