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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by huh, Mar 18, 2008.

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    Anybody having problems where if they transmit an order in TWS it sits in the blue status for like 30-50 seconds before it goes green? I've been running into this problem the last few days where I transmit an order to buy for the ask price and the order just sits there in blue status and then finally gets filled like 10 sec up to a minute later.

    Normally the order pretty much goes green within 1-5 seconds so the time lag is really KILLING my trading. I've had to cancel around 15 just this morning. Is it because of heavy volume the last few days or do I need to check a setting on TWS?

  2. This is obviously a severe technical problem. You should contact customer service and complain, and let us know what happens.
  3. I contacted the customer service, but no one picked up the phone. I was told the wait is 2 minutes, but I stayed on the phone for 10 minutes, twice, until I hung up. The CS department is DEAD!!!

    I don't think it's a good idea to stay with IB anymore, or join IB at this time.
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    they are too busy mulling over why their stock price plunged 25% in one day
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    Well this execution problem caught up with me today! I was long an option contract on RUT and saw the bid/ask spread as 1.70/1.85 which is a profit for me if I can sell at those prices. I went ahead and entered a limit order to sell the option for 1.70 which is the quoted bid. Hit transmit, the status on the order was in the purple/blue status for roughly 45 seconds!! Then my order went green but now the bid/ask spread was 1.30/1.70 which my order being 1.70. This is GARBAGE!!!!!!!!

    I'm going to call and complain, I'll post what response I get.
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    I also noticed the blue status today.
  7. Your order was delayed for 45 seconds? Wow! You could lose a fortune in a fast moving market.

    Is it possible that IB did it to you deliberately? because you complained the previous day.
  8. huh


    Yeah I typically trade around 200 contracts a day with pretty quick trades usually (1 minute or less per trade) so execution speed is a BIG DEAL for me. The past 4 or 5 days have been terrible so I've pretty much stopped doing any trades. Today I figured I'd do a test and luckily only entered 1 order to buy 1 contract which took about 15 sec to execute and then when I had a profit tried to close it out at the bid price and was never able to close out the position because of the lag.

    If this would have been a normal position size then I probably would have thrown my cellphone through my monitor!
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    Man, you make a lot of sense. I should pay you to get the privilege of reading your posts.
  10. I was long a stock and tried to sell at the offer. As soon as I placed the order the offer was descreased by 1 cent. Then, I modefied the order to hit that offer and the stock starting moving down like hell. That was yesterday during the huge rally. I stayed cool and entered a limit order and waited until it was hit.

    What is the alternative for low commission stock trading? Do you know? I do not care about Forex because IB's costs more at the end.

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