IB Slow Execution Recently?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by macal425, May 20, 2003.

  1. Does anyone else think that there has been a slight delay recently on an ES Globex order turning green using IB. I seem to be experiencing more slippage on market orders than I normally do. At first I thought it was my imagination but someone else in the chat room concurred saying that he had noticed a slight hesitation also.
  2. cas


    I've had a hesitation on stock orders going green a few times today....i cancelled and re-submitted and they went live right away like normal. It has happened a few times so far.

  3. Momento


    yes indeed..
    kind of frustrating seeing entries not executed, and than watch the damn thing run.
    Missed quite a lot of money.
  4. FinStat


    Same here. Slow on the ES for the past week or so:confused:
  5. Seems like this is a problem then. Question is, is it IB's problem or a Globex problem?
    Def, if you read this, do you have any idea which it is?
  6. Momento


    Don't think is Globex, because i have encountered alot of problem trading KLAC as well.

    Tried buying by matching the offer and it will not execute sometimes. Exiting trades seems to be fine tho.
  7. McCloud


    I noticed the same problem in the last few days, I thought it may have started since I upgraded to the latest version 793.4 fwiw...
  8. McCloud


    called IB help and reported the problem, they said they will look into that, and if they receive a few calls they would look into it right away!... option zero on their phone menu if you care to report...
  9. paulus


    absolutely !

    i am trading ES-mini; particularly in the first hour of trading
    (high volume) this probleem appears; cost me a lot in terms
    of slippage too; contacted IB via chatroom but they totally ignored teh problem; serverproblem ?

  10. chisel


    I think it's IB, although I don't have any proof, because a/c/e is slow as well.
    #10     May 20, 2003