IB site down (not TWS)

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by torel, Apr 17, 2007.

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  4. Working for me now as well, thanks to all those who chipped in with assistance.

    Torel, sorry to hear you're still having problems - if I could help I would. Good luck.
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    It likely never was and will not be in the future. Many big site aren't pingable. Ignoring (dropping) ping packets is an easy way to deal with a whole category of ICMP denial of service attacks. Makes it harder to troubleshoot problems like this tho.
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  7. GTS is correct. My hosts are set up this way for the same reason - a simple security measure.

    The test is to connect with your browser.
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    Or if want to make sure it isnt some sort of browser/proxy setting causing the problem you can do what I always use when troubleshooting - telnet on port 80, takes the whole browser issue out of the equation.

    "telnet interactivebrokers.com 80"

    If it works it will connect and seem to hang. If it doesnt connect you will get an error msg back saying it didnt connect ("Could not open connection to the host")
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