IB site down (not TWS)

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  1. If you can do a traceroute (even if it stalls), it is most likely not a DNS issue. If the name cannot be resolved, you should get something like an "Unknown host" message.

    On a *nix box use the command

    whois interactivebrokers.com

    to check if the DNS lookup is working.

    Should be something similar on Windows.
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  2. Well, thanks for trying. IB told me that just "a few" people have rung in with the same problem, all of them in Europe, so I guess I'm just unlucky in this instance.
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  3. ids


  4. I would guess there is probably a bad "hop" or router in the internet somewhere between you and IB. Just a guess though. It really is the responsibility of the ISP to track this sort of thing down.
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  5. I had problems this morning and last night, and I'm in Chicago. It's a problem at their end (IMHO) and they don't know where yet.

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  7. And I should add it didn’t work when I tried to connect from the university yesterday either. Oslo, Norway
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  8. If that were the case, everyone would be experiencing this problem. I am one of those that hasnt. I am sure there are more....

    ISPs do iffy things. You'll be chugging along just fine and all of a sudden, no connection. then it will bounce back. or a certain side of the country will have server issues, and you'll feel the pinch...
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  9. Me too.

    Which ISP are you using? I'm on Pipex.
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  10. Nextgentel
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