IB site down (not TWS)

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  1. I'm still having problems here - interactivebrokers.co.uk is fine but when I try to log into Account Management (which seems to come from interactivebrokers.com) things come to a halt.

    I spoke to IB support who seem to think it isn't their issue - mainly because only "a few" customers have reported the problem. I asked for an explanation as to why I am having no problems with any other web site and none was forthcoming, though they did say, after I ranted for a while, that they would continue to investigate. In the meantime, I still cannot access yesterday's statement.

    I tried tracert www.interactivebrokers.com and got a bunch of lines saying "request timed out", amongst other things. I can post the full report if necessary.

    Can anyone help? If it is really not IB's problem then can anyone suggest what the problem is, and ideally any way around it?

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  2. Could be a DNS Server issue.

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  3. OK. What does that mean? What can I do about it?

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  4. Domain Name Server. When they are acting funky it wont resolve the URL of the website you are looking for with the actual IP address of the web server....

    Generally, you can manually input DNS addresses into your network control panel, or check with your ISP for any DNS issues. (They dont like admitting them, but I have run into it on occassion.)
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  5. I see (sort of). So would you expect this to cause problems with just one website (ie. interactivebrokers.com) ?

    Not sure what you mean by "network control panel" - I'm on XP with IE7 - do I have such a thing??

    I'll give that a go. IB did tell me however that the people experiencing problems were using a range of ISP's.

    Thanks again for your help.
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  6. Most ISPs will have this info listed on their site. I am with earthlink and comcast. A simple search "DNS" should easily bring up a page showing you the DNS IP addresses for your ISP.


    Earthlink for me is -

    This link should help you with DNS placement...


    If you are using a router with your network, you can also query your routers WEB configuration page to see what ISP addresses it's reporting nd then you can ping them to verify their being "alive."

    I Know this is technical... so bear with...
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  7. I have the same problem as Torel and Libertine, the main page is very slow, and I’m unable to log into TWS or account management. Been this way since Monday, I have contacted my internet provider but they have apparently not been able to fix the problem yet.

    2 16 ms 16 ms 16 ms 129.80-202-92.nextgentel.com []
    3 19 ms 19 ms 17 ms 80-202-3-33.dd.nextgentel.com []
    4 16 ms * * 217-13-0-2.dd.nextgentel.com []
    5 19 ms 17 ms 16 ms
    6 24 ms 26 ms 24 ms sprint-1.ar1.CPH1.gblx.net []
    7 30 ms 29 ms 29 ms sl-bb21-ham-13-0.sprintlink.net []

    8 36 ms 36 ms 36 ms sl-bb20-ams-3-0.sprintlink.net []

    9 41 ms 40 ms 40 ms sl-bb21-bru-14-0.sprintlink.net []

    10 40 ms 39 ms 40 ms sl-bb20-bru-15-0.sprintlink.net []
    11 45 ms 43 ms 43 ms sl-bb22-lon-13-0.sprintlink.net []

    12 111 ms 113 ms 111 ms sl-bb20-nyc-2-0.sprintlink.net []
    13 121 ms 120 ms 120 ms sl-bb23-nyc-8-0.sprintlink.net []
    14 121 ms 120 ms 120 ms sl-gw27-nyc-14-0.sprintlink.net []
    15 124 ms 124 ms 123 ms sl-thllc-7-0.sprintlink.net []
    16 * * * Request timed out.
    17 * * * Request timed out.
    18 * * * Request timed out.
    19 * * * Request timed out.
    20 * * * Request timed out.
    21 * * * Request timed out.
    22 * * * Request timed out.
    23 * * * Request timed out.
    24 * *
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  8. It must be your ISP. I just clicked account management from TWS and it opened my browser right on up to the Acct Mgmt page. No issues.
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  9. Just to clarify - I don't have a problem connecting to my ISP, or anywhere else on the net. I can see the IP addresses for my ISP on the router configuration page and all is well. TWS is also fine.

    It's just interactivebrokers.com which isn't working for me.

    Thanks again.

    Incidentally, have the people who reported problems earlier in this thread solved them?
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  10. I wish I could honestly help. IB is my home page for the time being.. and I have had no problems connecting. This totally sounds like a server issue. Perhaps they are blocking connections from certain ISPs unawares....
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