IB shorts?

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  1. Lots of stocks (not on the list) I can't get anymore short in IB? What gives? They have their own expanded list or something?
  2. who are you shorting? I want to get long those names.
  3. patchie


    funny, IB used to have a lot of microcap stock posted as available to short. Now that a hard close requirement is in play they seem to have dried up on those shares. Could this be a sign that some fake locates were being put out there?
  4. You're an asshole, you know that, right?

    Even QQQQ is not shortable.
  5. Earlier in the year there was usually around 11k shortable stocks. Now there's about 9k. However, even some of those 9k could results in a T+3 buy-in, as I've had happen to me recently.

  6. Are you a foreign agent? We are at war, why are you shorting America?
  7. Shorts have to cover too - remember?
  8. Looks like we only have about 8300 shortable US stocks this morning. That number appears to be decreasing everyday.
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    7358 @ 9:15.looks like it's shrinking every second...yesterday it was around 9000, day before-10K
    i remember that full list is about 11-12K of securities. now only 7K is shortable? 5K of financial stocks? common...
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    are u one f those who thinks that shorting is unamerican?
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