IB Shorts Availability?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by version77, Sep 3, 2001.

  1. I was wondering if IB had a lot of stocks available to
    short? If not, does anyone know of anyone else who
    does that has very low commissions similar to IB?
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  3. Thanks for the answers everybody. For some reason I couldn't
    find the short list page at IB and didn't think of putting in a
    search on the subject here at EliteTrader.
  4. ktm


    Has anyone had the problem (at IB) of a stock being on the short list but unavailable? This has happened to me several times.

    I have checked the "available shorts" and found my stock. I then immediately enter the order and it gets rejected with the standard box about the stock being unavailable or on the "upc 1180 list" - or whatever it is. I have tried to short OCA (the stock - not One Cancels All) several times without success, yet day after day it remains on the list.
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    the info given to me was that the list is electronically compiled from the group of firms IB borrows from each day. Thus if on the list, it should be available to borrow unless specifically restricted by the fed reserve rules (upc...). I'll look into this specific example tomorrow night. I'll place a short order. If it gets rejected I'll track down why.

    Reminder, cash only accounts these days are unable to short. Sounds like your account must be margin so need to make a post until I take a look tomorrow.
  6. babe714


    I've tried to short about 10 different stocks now all from IB's available for borrow list and have been rejected every time . Keep getting that same rejection box unavail or on upc1180 list .:confused:
  7. ktm


    Thanks def...

    We all appreciate it.

    If OCA doesn't pan out, let me know and I could provide other specific examples as necessary. My assumption based on the text of the rejection message is that the "IB available shorts" are NOT inclusive of the upc list...so we may need to check that list separately??? I did not do this for OCA or any others.

    Thanks Again
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    I took a quick look at the IB short list on the website, and some of the stocks it lists as shortable seem rather questionable.

    EXDS and BVSN are both listed as shortable, even though these stocks are practically penny stocks. I haven't seen stocks like these shortable at any other brokerage firm, and I was wondering if anyone has actually had experience shorting stocks under $1 at IB?

  9. Babak


    as far as I know Reg T traders (retail) can not short stocks that are below $5.00

    someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
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