IB Short on NASDAQ instant execution?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by coolweb, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. Hello,
    I just shorted AAPL a few minutes ago on INTERACTIVE BROKER and it gave me almost INSTANT execution.

    My other broker which will remain unamed took over 4 minutes to get me short on AAPL

    So is this unnamed broker retarded or is IB just a direct access broker who can get me short all the time?
  2. executed on ISLAND it looks like on IB
  3. siki13


    Few weeks ago i shorted aapl on IB and what happened to me
    is that my limit order got filled (25cent profit) on lets say 70.55
    but there is no way that market was that low because i look
    on nasdaq level 2 window all the time and when you look on 1 min chart low was 70.70
    Funny because aapl starts to move up and when i decide to cover at loss i was pleasantly surprise there is nothing to cover
  4. Are you able to hit ARCA to get short on a downtick instead?
  5. island doesn't short on downticks anymore. go read there new policy. arca's the only one now. ib's fills are not that great go to a real prop house the fills are blinding fast
  6. hehehe

    I know what you mean joe,

    Compared to my 4 minute fill on my other broker,
    hahah 5 second fills are about close to god's wishes as it GETS :D