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    Shares that I've sold short 10 times a day in the last 6 mos are no longer available to borrow as of Friday. Does IB actually not have EBAY,KLAC,AMZN shares available or are they just not allowing shorts in these for some internal reason? I have a backup acct @Waterhouse and all are available for borrow!
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    I have an account at Ameritrade. and all are available to short.

    IB is lying again. No NASD 11830 restriction.
    Extended Quote (Real-Time) Option Chain • Help


    Bid 29.37 Ask 29.39 Last 29.38
    Open 29.14 Close 31.80 Change -2.42
    High 29.87 Low 29.05 % Change -7.61
    Volume 9936556 Last Size 200 B/A Size 400x4300
    Last Trade Wed Oct 16 2002 14:01:46
    Asset Type Equity Tick Trend ==+= UPC 11830 N
    P/E 28.90 52 Wk. High 70.58 52 Wk. Low 25.16
    Quote Type Real-Time Exchange NASDAQ


    Amount 0.00 Yield 0.00 Ex-Div Date

    Quote as of: Wed Oct 16 2002 2:01:52 PM EDT

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    Dear Trader,

    It seems that more firms are borrowing the stock which made it unavailable
    to us.So, our inventory was depleted
  5. David I

    David I

    When I tried I got the message:

    "Order Rejected - The stock you marked for short sale is not presently available for borrow and/or it is on the NASDAQ UPC 11830 list. You may not sell this stock short through the system."

    Shorted SPY just fine but wanted DIA as well.

    - David
  6. Something is up with the shorts at old IB that they are not revealing.

    Getting many more no shorts than usual. NO EXCUSE for DIA to not be available and IN SIZE.

    Cyber has it for the max of 10,000 and prob more if you want it.

    What gives????????????????????????????????????
  7. "Shorted SPY just fine but wanted DIA as well."

    YM dec contract = 500 DIA ... can short anytime

    more risky though than equities .... as margins are lower
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    Can you short INTC ?
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    Not that I know of.

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