IB Settings cleared twice this week ??

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Tech Analysis, Nov 6, 2002.

  1. Today and back on Monday all my IB settings have been cleared - column widths, colors, displayed columns, etc. I copied my backup files back into the main IBJts directory and it was still overridden.

    What's going on? TWS version 781.2
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    Whew....Thought it was just me........Aggravating!!!:mad:
    Belive it was Monday & Tuesday for me.

  3. 781.5 is supposed to have fixed it.
  4. I just upgraded to Java 1.4.1_04 and now my IB settings have been cleared to default. This is with both production 799.5 and the 800 beta.

    Is this what happens when you upgrade java versions? Never had it before.
  5. Not to my knowledge. But in any case you better backup your settings, just in case it happens again.
  6. No, IMHO it has nothing to do with the Java upgrade. I guess that you upgraded TWS, too ?
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    how you can back up your settings? :confused:

    i think-they are stored on IB servers.
  8. They're stored in the C:\IBJts folder
  9. Been using the browser-based version 799.5 all week without incident. This don't make any sense; I've done java upgrades before.
  10. same here. once last week and once a month ago. i spoke to IB, and they were very helpful though couldn't think of any reason this has happened twice to me. the official suggestion was to backup the settings stored locally, every file beginning with a "D" located in c:\jts. if it happens again, copy the backed up files back into the directory. annoying, huh? i messed up an exit because all my hotkeys were gone first thing in the morning.
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