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  1. Can I change servers somehow to get IB up or is it shutdown? Recently, I had to reinstall IB on a computer and I thought I remember having a choice of servers. I'm in New England. Not much of a tech person.

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    No one on this board has verified that they are accessing IB now through SZ or HK. If trade executions are routed through NY for all servers, it makes no difference if you select a non-U.S. server.
  3. which brokers have a good DR plan?
  4. Ok. Thx. I'm hoping to hear from some of the Asian guys. The embedded TWS as well as the website itself are out here.

  5. i tryed reinstalling to a diff server in asia. wont log in.
  6. thanks vehn, I was contemplating a reinstall/reconfig.

    this is pathetic.

    pros, please speak up. what is the most failsafe globex broker you know of?
  7. Fuel cells for backup power is looking pretty good right now.
  8. I want to know that my broker has redundant servers and power sources that I can access on multiple continents.... each with a dedicated missile defense shield. ..and a tech rep ready to intelligently answer questions come hell or high water (or interstate blackout). what is this mess? i thought tradestation was my weak link, but it's neck and neck now.

    How much does a globex terminal cost anyway? Might as well add it to my list of long term goals.
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    FWIW, you can't just "install TWS for a different server". No matter which gateway you select at startup, your account is homed on a particular server group (US, HK, CH), and that's the group that TWS will get redirected to.

    The key may be to have another account that is homed on another server. Or a backup broker whose systems and location are as disparate from your primary broker as possible.***

    So, was anyone whose account is homed in HK or CH able to place e-mini trades starting at the beginning of the GLOBEX session (at 2045 UTC) on Thursday?

    ***FWIW, TerraNova, being Chicago-based, was not disrupted Thursday, at least with regard to the products that trade in Chicago (i.e. CME) - I didn't ask about other products.
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    You can't change servers on your end. I believe the settings on the local side have to do with firewall and lease line connections.

    There are servers in HK, Switzerland and the US. A client can request a specific server via the help desk but the change has to be done on our end and we make the change the following weekend.

    I'm not a systems guy so may not have the explanation completely correct. We have all systems on UPS which fall over to a generator. The UPS kicks in if the power fails and covers the system until the generators are up an running. Somehow the power surge caused the UPS system to malfunction and thus parts of the system crashed in the short amount of time (seconds) before the generator kicked in. High end computers, disk arrays and systems do not like the power yanked and you saw the results.

    We do a couple of fire drills a year to make sure things fall over properly. Obviously something went wrong and a review will take place and if necessary new equipment will be brought in with the hopes of properly protecting us in the future (I understand there have been several power interruptions over the past years where everything worked as it should, i don't think there was a way to foresee the UPS system being blown out by an event it was supposed to protect against).
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